Meet Sabrina

Hi, welcome to Salmon-Run Coaching! I’m Sabrina Sourjah (ACC, MBA), a certified authenticity coach based in Toronto, Ontario. I specialize in coaching career changers, tech professionals, immigrants, teenagers (pro bono), and anyone seeking the truth within themselves.

I began coaching because of my unshakable belief that we all deserve better jobs, better relationships, and better lives. We all have the strength to achieve our dreams, but we may at times need a slight push from a coach. I get a genuine high every time clients progress towards their most authentic life by outdoing their former selves. I’m truly grateful that I get to play a small role in this journey.

In my past life, I have worked in various corporate and technology roles at Nike, Inc., The London Stock Exchange, and The Bank of Montreal. I was mostly stressed at work, no matter how well things were going or how lovely my bosses were. I left the corporate corridors when I finally realized that my stress was telling me something. I worked up the courage to shatter my fears, especially financial ones.

Now, Mondays are Fridays for me. This is why I’m on a mission to get you to your most authentic life. Because I know how wonderful life can be on the other side.

When I’m free, I love to read anything I can get my hands on, sing karaoke on YouTube, go on long trail walks, and watch sunsets over lakes and beaches.

My Approach

My coaching philosophy is all about getting as close to authenticity as we possibly can because authenticity lowers friction in our lives within the self and with others, clearing our paths to forge ahead towards the lives we really want.

I strongly believe that we are all born imperfectly perfect. But with time, society gets a hold of us and plants fears in our psyche. Like the salmon that swim against the current during the salmon run in fall, coaching will enable you to swim against internal fears and external obstacles. Finally, you will arrive at your birthplace of authenticity and imperfect perfection, just like the salmon, spent but ecstatic.

I will always respect you and believe that you’re whole, creative, and resourceful. So, I won’t tell you what to do, although I may give you options and brainstorm ideas with you, so you can pick whatever works best for you. I will always try my best to understand how you see your world and get you where you want to go, not where your loved ones or I want you to go.

We will work together to design your goals and work through what’s holding you back from living boldly. We will try on new beliefs and experiment with life. I will ask powerful questions, notice your body language, and pay attention to my intuition so we can understand what is really going on for you.

Even after you stop working with me, I will be your biggest supporter. Our collaboration will allow you to sustainably get to your dreams faster by expanding your self-trust. When you have self-trust, you have everything you need in life.

Why Work With Me?

  • I’m a bold coach. I will tell you what you need to hear, not what you’d like to hear. If tough love isn’t for you, I’m not the coach for you.
  • I try my best to live according to what I preach. I work on my mindset every single day and call myself out on my BS. As a result, I have successfully left my corporate life and ended a marriage that wasn’t working.
  • I unconditionally believe in human potential to achieve whatever we set our hearts on.
  • I’ve made my fair share of “mistakes” in life. I have changed my attitudes and opinions time and time again. So, I know not to judge anyone’s life choices as they reflect our varied life experiences and where we are at a given time.
  • I’m certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the leading credentialing body for coaches, and I abide by all its ethics, guidelines, and best practices.
  • Finally, I promise not to follow up more than once after a complimentary call. I hate salesy coaches as much as you do. I know you will find me if you want to work with me! My purpose is to serve you while earning a living. Not earn a living while serving you.
  • And a Reiki practitioner & healer once told me that she feels me like the sunshine! So, I hope you feel me in the same way.


  • Associate Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation)
  • Adler-Trained Coach (Adler Graduate Professional School)

Professional Organizations

  • International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Toronto Chapter of the International Coaching Federation

Coaching Techniques

Cognitive Behavioral Models & Experimenting, Mindfulness Practices, Art and Crafts, Visualization Techniques, Cognitive Distortion Models, VIA Strengths, Myers Briggs Personalities, Holland Careers, Wheel of Life/Choice, Journaling Exercises, Role Playing, Metaphors, Inner Critic Interventions, Choice Maps, Values Mining, Learning Styles, Love Languages, ICA Framework, Inner-Self Processing System, Leadership Wheel, Action Reflection Learning Cycle

Volunteer Experience

Phone responder at the Distress Centers of Toronto intervening with distressed callers and suicide attempts

Life experience

Separation & Divorce, Career Change, Immigration, Crippling Self-Doubt, Trauma & Therapy, and Entrepreneurship

“Sabrina asked questions that helped claim my strengths and rethink how I do things. She used many tools, examples, and external material to supplement. As a result of coaching, I am more confident and focused now. I also take time to focus on myself, and I don’t overthink like I used to. I also evaluated my job and decided to quit and take another position elsewhere. Sabrina is an amazing coach, and I really enjoyed our sessions as it truly helped me develop myself for the better.”

FF (Finance Professional)