Immigrant Career Consulting

Find the Job That You Deserve

When you migrate, it’s natural to lose some of the career advantages you enjoyed back home due to country-specific reasons. As a result, you may feel like you’re starting your job search from scratch. But it doesn’t have to be this way at all.

Best Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

Has some “pundit” advised you to start off with an odd job because that’s how they started their career here as well? Well, let me tell you that you don’t have to take that outdated advice anymore. By working together, we will identify your gaps, bridge those gaps, and set up an effective job searching strategy.

**Please note that the provision of jobs is not in scope for this consulting engagement. However, you will learn to find jobs for yourself and become self-sufficient in your job search.

What Will You Get?

  • The right job and career that fits your profile, skills, and qualifications
  • A crystal-clear idea of who you are, your needs, your inner voices, and what your ideal career is
  • A plan of how you can get the job/career you’ve always wanted without compromising on your needs
  • Ways to control your fears and take initiative and action
  • Habits that will help you move towards your dream career in your new country
  • Self-acceptance, resilience, self-trust, and confidence to live life on your own terms

Program Details

  • Crystal Clear Career Needs: First, we will build awareness of yourself, your values and strengths, and your career goals in Canada. We will design an overall job searching strategy, including networking strategies and unconventional job searching methods. We will also create a trusting relationship, and I will get to know your patterns and inhibitions that can challenge your new life.
  • A Killer Resume: During these sessions, we will focus on converting your resume to Canadian standards and learning the art of customizing resumes. I will conduct a LinkedIn profile review for you and make recommendations to present yourself as your most professional and authentic self.
  • Interview Like a Pro: We will work on interviewing techniques specific to North American employers and conduct several mock interviews for actual jobs that you have applied for.
  • Tenacious Self-Trust: It takes a lot to keep yourself motivated during your job search. We will discuss strategies to build your self-trust so you can keep going and maintain the right mindset.

Want to stop working below your competencies?

Are you ready to do what it takes to find work that deserves you?

A fitting career in your new country is possible. A career that doesn’t feel like a letdown or a step-down. Immigrant Career Consulting can help you get there faster. Pick up your career where you left off!

**All coaching packages can be customized to your unique requirements. Programs can also be converted into corporate programs and workshops.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

– Walt Disney