Frequently Asked Questions


What are your current charges? Expand

Charges vary based on the coaching service provided. After our “Amplify Your Vision” complimentary session, we can discuss fees if it’s the right fit.

Do you offer any payment schemes? Expand

  • Yes, I offer a 3-month payment scheme as well as an incentive for your decisiveness.
  • If you have any financial issues, let’s chat more about a reasonable payment scheme. I would genuinely hate for you to skip coaching and your most authentic life because of finances.
  • Another alternative is to check out instalment plans offered by third parties such as Visa and NerdWallet.

What payment types do you accept? Expand

I accept e-transfers, credit cards, PayPal, and debit cards.

Can I claim coaching fees on my insurance policy? Expand

Most insurance providers only cover psychotherapy services. But you can check with your employer if employment benefits can cover coaching services.

Coaching Process

What do I need to get coached? Expand

All you need is an openness to change and experimentation, honesty, transparency, willingness to hold yourself accountable, and an idea about the goals that you’re trying to achieve.

How is a coaching engagement structured? Expand

  • Generally, my coaching engagements include 12 sessions within 4-6 months. But the structure can be customized as needed.
  • The engagement begins with a 1.5-hour discovery session where you will become acutely aware of your strengths, purpose, vision, values, and legacy. Before the session, I will send you a discovery package that will help prepare you for the session.
  • All engagements end with a completion session that summarizes your learnings and discusses how you can continue to make progress on your own.
  • Service pages contain details on the exact structure of each coaching engagement.

** This process applies to all coaching engagements except for Mock Interviews and Immigrant Career Consulting.

How does each coaching session flow? Expand

  • We will start each session by checking in on progress from the previous session and any celebrations you want to highlight.
  • Next, we will agree with what you want to discuss in the given session.
  • During the session, we will explore the issue/concern, build awareness around your choices, commit to a choice or a few options that you prefer, and plan actions around your commitments.
  • Finally, we will end the session by discussing how you can hold yourself accountable for your planned actions.

** This process applies to all coaching engagements except for Mock Interviews and Immigrant Career Consulting.

What are the coach’s responsibilities? Expand

  • Help set, clarify, and maintain focus on your goals
  • Hold you accountable – for what you say you’re going to do
  • Help you establish your own solutions & strategies
  • Encourage, support & believe in you! Even when you do not!
  • Raise your self-awareness, challenge you, and help you to recognize where you may be holding yourself back
  • In summary, be your biggest cheerleader and supporter!

What’s the difference between coaching, therapy, consulting, and mentoring? Expand

  • Therapy explores past incidents in your life to identify the makeup of your psyche, diagnose mental health conditions, and define treatment plans.
  • Consulting refers to recommending actions based on a set of guidelines or processes.
  • You seek a mentor when you want to get help from someone who has been through your journey before. They may share their experience and/or advise you as needed.
  • Coaching is different from therapy, consulting, and mentoring. There is no advice or recommendations in coaching as we trust you to make your own choices and be responsible for your actions. Additionally, our focus will mostly be on the future. We will only look at the past to learn and adjust our future. If a client seems to require therapy or other services, I will recommend the relevant service.

What are some myths about coaching? Expand

Coaching is a profession that’s highly misunderstood. Some of the common myths about coaching are:

  • The coach has their life in order. This is not necessarily true as we’re also human. We try to practice what we preach, but we may slip up occasionally (or frequently) based on what’s going on in our lives.
  • The coach will tell you what to do. This is untrue because we always trust that you have all the answers within you. We will, however, ask powerful questions and offer you what we actually hear from you so we can make sense of your world together.
  • Anyone can become a coach nowadays. Although this seems true because of all the coaches on the internet, becoming a professionally accredited coach takes effort, training, and lots of practice. And you should always check out the coach’s credentials before you start working with them, as they will be reprogramming your mindset.
  • I don’t really need a coach. Most leaders, entrepreneurs, and influential executives have one thing in common – someone who supports them, offers feedback, and holds them accountable. If you want to do big things, a coach can make the journey less painful and more sustainable.

Confidentiality & Cancellations

What is your cancellation policy? Expand

I understand that emergencies can come up. Please provide at least 24 hours’ notice to cancel an appointment with no charges.

How do you protect my confidentiality? Expand

As a credentialed member of good standing with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I adhere to professional standards of confidentiality and ensure that all documents are stored in secure databases.