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How Can I Help You?

Career Change Coaching

Are you longing to leave your job and do something you really love? Or do you want to find that one thing that can get you out of bed in the morning like a rocket? I have also been through these struggles and found my authentically joyous self on the other side. Career Change Coaching can help you do the same.

Technology Professionals Coaching

Although Tech is an exciting space, it can be stressful to monitor systems continuously, cater to changing requirements, or meet “impossible” timelines. So, it’s natural to feel trapped at times. With Technology Professionals Coaching, you will find ways to manage your stress and reconnect with your authentic excitement for tech.

Immigrant Coaching & Consulting

Migration changes your whole life, and you may not feel at home, no matter how long you’ve lived in your adopted country. If you moved recently, you may be busy finding and settling in a career, developing a new social support system, and getting used to new ways of doing things. Immigrant Coaching & Consulting can help you feel like you’re home again.

Corporate Team Building & Coaching

Trust is how we build teams. Without trust, teams members don’t feel safe to experiment and innovate. As a result, team performance suffers. Team coaching improves self-trust in individual team members, trust between team members, and trust in the leadership, leading to a team that thrives amid external challenges and hardships.

About Me

Hi, I’m Sabrina Sourjah (ACC, MBA), a Toronto-based self-trust coach. I specialize in coaching socially-conscious corporate professionals and leaders, career changers, technology professionals, corporate teams, and immigrants. What I love the most about my work is that I get to play a role in big (and small) transformations my clients make. And I actually get paid to do this!

My mission in life is to empower people to access, own, and hold onto their most authentic selves, while being on the authenticity journey myself. Why? Missions generally revolve around right-ing a wrong that we’ve experienced in life. I, too, know the pain of feeling like the odd one out or not being accepted as I am.

Powerful Questions

“I have nothing but positive things to say about Sabrina. I feel so seen and heard by her. Her ability to stay with you is so genuine. Her warm presence is so soothing, and I feel taken care of when she is around. Her powerful questions will feel like a punch in the gut, but they get the job done! I highly recommend considering this powerful woman as a Coach.”

CG (Peer Coach)

Positive Approach

“I am glad that I chose Sabrina as my Coach when I was exhausted and frustrated in a land where the opportunities are immense but severely influenced by a pandemic. Her positive approach from the beginning helped to uplift my mentality, and her process-oriented sessions revealed my hidden talents consistently. Sabrina’s honest and objective feedback is one of her coaching techniques that I admire the most. She insists on continuously working towards bridging gaps to achieve a certain goal. I am grateful to Sabrina, and I would highly recommend her as a Career Coach for anyone, especially those feeling lost or bewildered.”

KW (Data Analyst)

Amazing Coach

“Sabrina asked questions that helped claim my strengths and rethink how I do things. She used many tools, examples, and external material to supplement. As a result of coaching, I am more confident and focused now. I also take time to focus on myself, and I don’t overthink like I used to. I also evaluated my job and decided to quit and take another position elsewhere. Sabrina is an amazing coach, and I really enjoyed our sessions as it truly helped me develop myself for the better.”

FF (Finance Professional)

My Coaching Philosophy

You are born perfectly imperfect. But then the dirt of life collects.

Suppose you’re not happy with your job, or you’ve lost all passion for tech, or you don’t feel quite settled in your immigrant country. In either case, my coaching programs will empower you to swim against internal and external challenges towards your truest self and ideal life, just like the salmon that swim against the current to their birthplace during the salmon run in North America.

Let’s take the first step towards your most authentic life today!

Please schedule your free, 60-minute “Amplify Your Vision” consultation now. By the end of this zero-commitments session, you will have more clarity on your legacy and vision.

We spend so little time visualizing our futures without limitations. I hope you will take this opportunity.

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