Corporate Team Building & Coaching

Thrive Together Through Trust

Together, we can achieve much more than what we can achieve on our own, no matter how skilled or powerful we are individually. Therefore, teams are an integral part of human growth.

For teams to perform at their best, individual team members need to trust themselves and they need to trust each other and their good intentions. In addition, the team needs to trust that the leaders have got their back.

Remote Work Challenges

Most companies face first-time challenges with remote work and hybrid models. Employees need to be trusted to get their work done, but there should be an accountability system to monitor outcomes.

On the other hand, employees also face challenges working from home or being mandated to come to work. These challenges erode trust in the team and can be unhealthy for team performance.

Work Stress & Team Performance

In today’s world, many corporate professionals are under a ton of pressure and stress. This could be due to reasons such as unclear communication channels, unnecessary bureaucracy, or inefficient processes. But they may not communicate this to their leaders because they don’t trust their own capabilities and think that they are not working enough hours. Or they don’t trust that their leaders will be on their side. Stress can impact team trust in insidious ways, lowering transparency and driving team members apart.

Economic Uncertainty

When there are external challenges like economic uncertainties, employees can become mistrusting of leadership due to the lack of job security. How can leaders balance their empathy while doing what’s best for the organization? How can leaders motivate employees when there’s no job security? In times like these, Corporate Team Building can help leaders maintain team performance.

What Will You Get?

  • A team that is thriving and not merely performing, even amid external challenges
  • An improved level of trust between team members
  • An open and trusting environment that allows team members and the leader to show up authentically
  • Habits and rituals that will help your team move towards sustainable goals
  • A higher level of accountability between team members

Program Details

  • Individual Interviews with Key Players: The first step is for me to meet confidentially with key players of the team to understand the challenges. Information collected in these interviews will largely determine how the team coaching session is designed.
  • Opening Session with the Team: The team meets together to discuss their challenges and the way forward. I will facilitate the conversation with themes collected at interviews and start the day off with an exercise that builds genuine trust in the team. I will observe the conversation and the energy of the team, and the workshop will be adjusted on the go after consulting with the team leader/sponsor. The session will conclude with action items on the way forward; the actions will directly relate to the challenge at hand.
  • Follow-Up Sessions with the Team: Based on the opening session and needs of the team, there can be several follow-up team coaching sessions. These sessions will provide continuity and accountability to ensure that the team gets to the ultimate goal.
  • Individual Coaching for Leadership: A key part of team coaching is for the leadership to be individually coached so that they have the required support to facilitate team growth and enable the team to thrive.

Is your team ready to achieve goals never attempted before?

Any goal is achievable with the right team no matter what happens in the market or the economy. Corporate Team Coaching can help you unleash the power of your team.

**All coaching packages can be customized to your unique requirements.

“A group is a bunch of people in an elevator. A team is a bunch of people in an elevator, but the elevator is broken.”

– Bonnie Edelstein