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Immigrant Coaching

Live Like a Local in Your “New” Country

Immigrating is one of the toughest decisions one can make: leaving friends, family, culture, food, and a way of life in exchange for something unfamiliar but promising. I very well know this disconnected feeling as I have immigrated twice in my life so far. We may lose track of our authenticity when we migrate because we feel like we need to fit into our new world.

Regardless of whether you’re a newcomer or it’s been decades since you migrated, it’s possible for you to still feel like an alien in your adopted country. Of course, every immigrant always feels a bit like this. But if this is keeping you from living your best life as a Canadian and showing up fully for yourself and your loved ones, you may need to shed your fears to explore new avenues and integrate authentically.

Focus Areas

Canadian Work Culture

Work cultures around the world are quite different from one another. You may be confused about how to interact best with your colleagues and build rapport with your managers. It’s hard to find all the best practices on your own. Let’s work together to remove any workplace obstacles so you can grow in your career in Canada as you wish.

Canadian Slang Lost in Translation

Do you find it difficult to understand Canadian (or foreign) slang? Are you losing confidence when you have to repeat your order multiple times to the waiter? No matter how well you know your grammar and language, slang trips up every newcomer. Together, let’s explore strategies on how you can feel more at home with the language, culture, and any other areas of your new country.

Making New Friends as Adults

One of the greatest difficulties for immigrants is losing a social support system. Everyone needs an active support system in their geography to lean on. We also find it hard to make new friends as adults, which can be frustrating to many. Immigrant Coaching will help you create an alternate set of genuine connections so that you can thrive like you want to.

What Will You Get?

Program Details

Want to stop feeling small in your new country?

Are you ready to integrate with curiosity and feel like an equal?

An authentic life in your new country is possible. A way of life that comes naturally to you. Let us work together to ease your fears. Immigrant Coaching can help you integrate faster so that you can start living your most authentic life sooner!

**All coaching packages can be customized for your unique requirements. Programs can also be converted into corporate programs and workshops.

“Recognize yourself in he and she who are not like you and me.”

– Carlos Fuentes

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