The Self-Trust Workshop

Soar High With Self-Trust

Do you facilitate or lead a team that you want to grow and nurture? Do you feel like your team could be performing better if only they trusted themselves more?

In my work coaching teams, it has become crystal clear that teams that perform the best trust each team member and feel psychologically safe in the team environment. But the first step to building trust among team members is to build self-trust within each team member.

Coaching many corporate professionals and leaders, I have found that what holds us back the most is a lack of trust in ourselves and our capabilities.

Most of the interference to performing at our highest potential is internally created, mostly subconsciously. This interference is the lack of self-trust that we all face at times. All the external challenges and interference disappear when we build self-trust individually.

The inner critic – that negative voice that judges us, questions us, and keeps us worrying consistently – is the main reason for low self-trust..

This 60-90 minute self-trust workshop will help participants understand where their inner critic comes from and provide a framework of how to manage it better so that they can live a life of highest potential.

What Will Participants Get?

  • Clear awareness of why they struggle to trust themselves
  • A crystal-clear idea of how lack of self-trust shows up in life
  • A plan of how to manage inner critical voices
  • Ways to control fears and take initiative and action
  • Habits that will help them move towards their dreams
  • Self-acceptance, resilience, self-trust, and self-confidence

Program Details

  • Let’s Talk: The first step to run this workshop for your team is to get in touch with me so I can understand your requirements better. I can also answer any of your open questions during this meeting. Please use this link to set up a 30-minute introductory session with me.
  • Program Delivery: The workshop can be delivered online or in-person. The choice is yours. Either way, participants will get down to work and walk away with an actionable plan of how they can build their self-trust by intercepting their inner voices in the moment.
  • Program Resources: I will also provide a fillable workbook for participants to use during and after the workshop. The slides will be provided after the workshop.

Are you ready to enable your team to soar to their highest potential, individually and collectively?

Self-confidence can open up the world for your team (it has for me, although I’m still on this journey of self-trust). The Self-Trust Workshop can help the team get there sustainably faster.

**All coaching packages and workshops can be customized to your unique requirements.

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe